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Some sort of client-provided signable-forms functionality

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Sears requires a specific document be signed by the customer every time we complete a service order for them in a customer's home.

As is, we are trying to find a workable and consistent combination of 3rd party platforms to provide the signable document to the tech in the field WITHOUT hard copy, get the document signed via another piece of software, and returned/made available back to the office. Oh, and all on iOS AND Windows (we are not 100% tablets yet)

The idea basically is that at the office, an office manager can put a blank copy of a document that might be required in a folder on the mapped drive (Call it 'Signable Docs' for now). Limit it to PDFs or .doc/x or whatever is easy for SD to incorporate/deal with but also prevalent enough.

In SDM, when a technician clicks on the signature button, he's given a drop-down selection of the standard signature for mobile, OR any of the documents in the 'Signable Docs' folder.

When he completes the signature and finalizes, it's attached directly to the PVR as a clickable link like receipts do.

The awesome of this would be more than you could measure.


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