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SD-MobileLink - Bad email from PVR suspends all operations

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We've run into it more than a few times where, when a tech submits a PVR with an email address that isn't properly formatted (Not having a complete user@domain.suffix, such as user@domainsuffix, no period), SD-ML pops an error and will do none of it's normal tasks until the error message is dismissed.

I'm getting this second hand from our Service Manager, but it seems that until you acknowledge the error that SD-ML pops, SD-ML will not send/receive/update/bupkiss.

The error message is still pertinent, it's good to know when these things need fixed, but could a callsheet be popped to assigned station's desk instead of halting the entire workings of the program? Our server sits off to the side, with a monitor that goes to sleep. We don't catch it immediately every time.

PS: "Well tell them not to missformat email addresses" is a totally valid response and I agree SHOULD be sufficient.. but people make mistakes.


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