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Deleting ServiceDesk Station user moves callsheets

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When a ServiceDesk Station user login is deleted, some active callsheets will change 'Active Desks', sometimes to other users, sometimes to null.

Type: Malfunction

Reproducible: Seems to happen every time. Impractical to test as a client due to result.


Say your employee Bob has been working for you for a number of months, such that Bob isn't the most recently created Station user login. Your list looks like this:





Bob walks in one morning and bails out, quitting. Obviously, since you are (a certified?) IT (professional), you keep a tidy and well configured environment, and you delete Bob's credentials.

Afterwards, you realize that a number of callsheets that are not on 'My own' desk have a blank space instead of a name next to their Active Desk radio button.


Besides that little oddity, some of your coworkers are reporting callsheets on their desk that they didn't have before. Or you perhaps have to break up an office brawl because Chuck jumped across his desk at Aaron, who now (entirely without touching it) has Chuck's callsheet on which Chuck was working on a very large commission-based POS transaction. That dirty thief!

Now the catch to this report is that I can't say for sure what exactly is going on specifically. I don't know if the null desktop was the person deleted, I don't know if it's every single callsheet from one user moving to another. I don't know if it's immediate when the user is deleted, or after an archive/update/refresh. I haven't been that observant.

To quote Scotty, "...but I do have a theory." Entirely without knowing how the station user list works it's that the list is not based on the name, it's based on a unique # that has a field for 'name' when you create the user. Like this:

1: Glade

2: Bob

3: Aaron

4: Chuck

So what we see on the callsheet is "Chuck's" next to the radio button for active desk, but what's going on is the Callsheet is assigned to "4", and just prints "Chuck's".

Here's where the problem (again, I think) comes in: When Bob's user credentials are deleted, everyone's name slides 'up' the list.

1: Glade

2: Aaron

3: Chuck

4: <null/blank>

The problem is the callsheets all stay assigned to the number they were on when Bob was deleted. That's why callsheets assigned to 4 now have nothing there, why Chuck now has one (all?) of Aaron's callsheets, and why none of Glade's callsheets moved anywhere at all. Logically, Aaron would now also have any callsheets formerly assigned to Bob, but I haven't been observant enough to catch if that's the case.

TL;DR: When you delete a station user, call sheets can change desks, or appear on a null/blank desk name. 

PS: Is there a 'preview post' option you can enable for this forum code? Super useful to people like me who oh god I have to stop typing.


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