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  1. AaronV added a post in a topic: Standard parts pricing across all platforms   

    On the margin planner form, there is an option to defer to the published retail price when SD calculates the sell for price on the F8 parts form.  There is also an option underneath that to add a percentage to the published price for use in SD-mobile.  We would like SD to also use the percentage added when calculating the sell for price on special ordered parts, unless of course they are warranty or originated from a job with a quick entry form.  This way, whether the tech in the field orders the part, or an office worker made the request, a consistent price is auto filled every time.
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  2. AaronV added a post in a topic: CyberLink   

    When will Cyberlink utilize flowing pipes like the rest of the utilities? Techs booking from the home and customers booking on the website cannot see our true availability.
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  3. AaronV added a post in a topic: POST-IT-NOTES ON DISPATCH MAP   

    What I have our CSRs do if they need to alert me to open a job to check attn notes (for special requests for scheduling or who to assign job to, etc...) is to put asterisks next to the customer's name on the schedule list entry when they schedule the job.  For example, if Mrs. Smith needs after 2:00 pm, they schedule the job for PM and on the dispatch map it appears as Smith*****, when I'm making the schedule I will open the job record and see the note so I can try to schedule it after 2 if possible.
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  4. AaronV added a post in a topic: Incorrect status on job list page   

    Since version 1.92, techs are reporting that after submitting pvr, the symbol next to name on job list page is incorrect.  It is sometimes showing a down arrow, indicating they have clocked out of job, instead of a heart or x and circle.  This is confusing them, not knowing if the pvr was uploaded.  In some cases, even though the upload queue shows all zeros, the pvr does not download to the office.

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  5. AaronV added a post in a topic: "disallow next job access" specific to technician   

    We need this now.  4 of my 16 techs cannot report in a timely manner.  I cannot use the "disallow next job access" feature because we also do in shop repairs, and the shop technicians are not required to work on jobs in any particular order.  If anyone has any suggestions to enforce reporting by techs as they go in the meantime I would appreciate it.
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