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  1. Ray added a post in a topic: CC Swippers   

    Any update on the EMV chip reader, I don't want to switch to square since they do offer a blue tooth EMV reader compatible with the iPad 
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  2. Ray added a post in a topic: iOS sdm   

    every time I'm done with a repair I'm ready to submit the order but it prompts me to time out, I have to go back to the pvr's page, I think it would be great to have the ability to clock out on the page where you collect payment, or at the very least on the pop up message to have an option to time out, without having to go back and forth.
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  3. Ray added a post in a topic: Name change on mobile   

    Yes and also the ability to edit other info like the email and add phone numbers, also on the labor box when ever I want to put a labor amount I have delete the 0.00 it would be nice to have an x to delete it like on other boxes like the parts cost, using iOS sdm 
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  4. Ray added a post in a topic: Is ServiceLive a Good Client?   

    I've been using service live doing work for sears for about a year the new integration to Rossware is great, and sears pays really quick when using the iOS app from my iPhone, and as long as you keep the information flowing they don't bug.
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  5. Ray added a post in a topic: Mutliple PVR access   

    I think it would be great to have multiple pvr's open at the same time. It will definitely make it easier to give multiple estimates at the same time without having to finalize one before you can start the other, so if you have a customer with 3 different Appliances you can give them 3 estimates and allow the customer to decide before I have to close one. Using sdm for iPad. Also it would be great if the labor box also had an x to delete the amount instead of having to manually delete the total in case we want to change it.
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