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  1. KentonMattos added an answer to a question: Owner   

    Which invoice are you needing to update?  If it is the Generic Finished Form, and you are not using the mylogo.bmp file to put a graphic on the ticket, the information is pulled from the Settings Form.  The Custom Form is an image and you will need contact us to have it updated.  As for the Mobile invoice if you have the address showing it is either you put it in the SD-MobileLink and need to change it, if you have an image at the top of the invoice you will need to edit the file used.  Please connect for assistance if you need more help.
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  2. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: Ever Wonder What We Eat for Lunch? (Find out on Facebook!)   

    What will today's meal be?
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  3. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: CC Swippers   

    I will Pass on the inquiry.
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  4. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: Assign tickets to office staff   

    I will Pass this on to Glade.  At this point only Call Sheets can be assigned to office users.
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  5. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: model number drop down parts ordering mobile   

    Please Talk with them..  Not that it is likely to happen because their BSM software is one top competitors.
    We would love to see integration with many part vendors and have even reached out to some.  But they haven't reciprocated.
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  6. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: bulletin check against list of bulletins/service tips for any model put in a UIS   

    Have SD do a bulletin check against list of bulletins/service
    tips for any model put in a UIS.
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  7. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: Ad code analysis report   

    Please see the changes to the custom source of business server.
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  8. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: Attachment File/function UIS   

    Quick Pics can be viewed from the UIS.  But we can see about Adding a notes section that can have Documents and Picture inserted similarly to the Job History notes section.
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  9. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: Ability to flag by model/serial number   

    Submitted Request
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  10. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: Managing Techs   

    Submitted to Glade
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  11. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: CyberLink   

    I will Add this to a discussion with The big man About availability and time frames for Cyber Office and Sd-Mobile.
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  12. KentonMattos added an answer to a question: Customer want's copy of Quick-Pic   

    We are looking into making a feature for this ability..  It may be a web based feature added to  But it has been added to the list of features to be adding.
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  13. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: Moving Ticket from Closed Job to Open Job Record   

    Can we make a way for a ticket created on one job record to be copied or moved to another.
    Example; Tech is out to call 1 day and gives customer est and cust refuses repair, we collect S/C and close ticket. 3-4 days pass and cust calls back and wants to go ahead with the repair. Office orders parts and tech goes out to repair. Tech has not mobile ticket to get his est back because its in the 1st ticket unless the office creates 1 when they create the new ticket. Is there a way to move or copy the 1st mobile ticket est into the 2nd ticket?
    Ticket #52936 Submitted Via 
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  14. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: Second Man   

    So I am linking something similar to the Job Count feature Glade added sometime back.
    4.7.80 (4/14/14):New Method for Managing Expectation for Above-1 JobCount Values on Upcoming Appointments:
    A job is in waiting status (perhaps waiting for parts to arrive, for the customer to return from a vacation, or whatever else is the case).  You know that eventually you'll be making an appointment for the tech to fulfill, and you know this new appointment must have some particular JobCount value greater than 1
    How do you assure that, when it's time to make the appointment, you remember to insert this greater-than-1 JobCount?
     Or, imagine another scenario. 
    You had an appointment with a greater-than-1 JobCount, and for whatever reason it was canceled.  You know it's going to be re-scheduled.  How do you assure that the re-scheduled appointment gets the correct, above-1 JobCount value?
    Until this release, ServiceDesk has not had a truly magnificent system to assist you with this.  Now it does.
    At its most basic, this new system depends on a specialized kind of AttentionNote (most folks call these "sticky notes;" they are the little-yellow electronic notes that can be added into a JobRecord).  For a long time, there's been another particular kind of AttentionNote, called a "JobLink."  The purpose of this kind is to associate jobs one  to another (see entry here accompanying Rel. 4.1.123).  Now we introduce a second kind of particular such note.  What makes both kinds "particular" is that, based on very specific internal text, ServiceDesk knows to react in special ways, based on their presence. 
    Naturally, there was already a method by which to create the JobLink specie of AttentionNote.  To accommodate this new particular specie, we have simply expanded on that method. 
    More specifically, in an F7 JobRecord form there has long been a button on which you may click to create a standard (you-type-in-what-you-want) kind of AttentionNote.  There has also long been a slight variation on this button.  Since introduction of the JobLink specialized kind of note, there has been the option to do a right-click instead of a simple left-click on that button (or, if preferring shortcut keys, the alternate command is Ctrl-E as opposed to the standard, left-click-mimicking Alt-E).  There is also a reminder ToolTip for this variation, as you'll see by floating your mousepointer over the button.  Prior to this release, such mouse-pointer floating would produce this:

    Now, it instead produces this:

    It's not a lot different, but as you can see the ToolTip now suggests there will now be more options than just one, when you choose this alternate method for invoking the button click.  Indeed, the right-click option would formerly have taken you directly to the dialog to produce reciprocal JobLinks.  Now, it will instead produce this:

    As you can see, it now produces a choice between the old (and formerly only-offered) option, versus instead choosing the particular new option, that we are now talking about. 
    When you choose that new option, you'll get a dialog like this:

    And when you enter your desired-for-next-appointment JobCount value, ServiceDesk will insert an AttentionNote to the JobRecord similar to this (this is, specifically, the result you'd see if indicating the next appointment should have a JobCount value equal to 3):

    Now you may wonder, with that note there, does it simply provide you with a reminder -- that you must personally pay attention to when making the next appointment? 
    No, it's much more helpful than that. 
    When you go to create an appointment for any job, ServiceDesk will now on its own accord look to see if any such AttentionNote (i.e., with text precisely as per above, though the actual number can vary) exists.  If so, it says to itself: "Aha, this appointment should have a JobCount value of X."  Upon so concluding, ServiceDesk will auto-insert that value for you, into the new appointment (of course, you remain free to edit differently if desired).  And, upon creation of that new appointment, it also automatically deletes the AttentionNote for you (it's done it's job, after all, and should no longer be needed).
    That's the basic functionality -- though behind-the-scenes it gets a little more complex for some situations. 
    To illustrate why, suppose your customer cancels an appointment that has an other-than-1 JobCount value (something came up, and there's intent to reschedule in the future).  If this occurs, ServiceDesk will behind-the-scenes automatically create a new, specialized AttentionNote to assure the next appointment appropriately gets the same other-than-1 JobCount value as the one being canceled.  At least, it will do this for a normal cancelation.  However, suppose you indicate that the appointment you are deleting was simply an erroneous entry.  In that case, the system figures it better make sure of what's needed, and presents you with a dialog like this:

    Another somewhat tricky situation arises when you decide to change an existing appointment, and if one of those specialized JobCount AttentionNotes is present, and with a value that does not correspond with what's in your being-edited appointment.  How should the system respond to this situation.  Since it's unclear, it will present you with another dialog, as follows:

    If you are wondering, BTW, yes, this new functionality also works when your customers self-schedule online (via SD-CyberOffice) for any return visit.  The SD-CyberLink utility will look for these same specialized AttentionNotes, and upon seeing any will assign the needed JobCount value to any relevant appointment as online-created (though you must be updated to at least the now-current release of SD-CyberLink to make this happen).
    If you are further wondering, yes, this new power also translates into interaction via SD-Mobile.  More specifically, a particular section in the tech's Mobile PVR page has been changed . . .
    From This . . .To This (new/added function highlighted):As you can see, there is now explicit provision for the tech to indicate the JobCount value as needed for his next visit. 
    By way of distinction, this new facility applies, in particular, to the situation where your tech is leaving it up to the office to schedule his anticipated return -- as opposed to using other facilities that exist within Mobile for doing his own direct-booking.  This latter situation has long been covered, so far as JobCounts are concerned, for the facility that allows direct-booking lets the tech directly-specify a desired JobCount for the appointment he is himself creating -- and that count goes right in, directly, to the actual appointment that results.  It's only where he is leaving it up to the office, to re-book (and for an appointment that will not yet exist), that a concern has existed.  And that is, of course, where this new facility (as above shown) comes into play. 
    Where the tech uses this new facility to indicate any JobCount value other than 1, SD-MobileLink will automatically create that new specie of AttentionNote, within the applicable JobRecord, as it downloads and processes the tech's PVR (concurrent releases of both SD-Mobile and SD-MobileLink, or higher, are required to enable this added functionality). 
    All in all, we think you'll love this new feature.  We hope you'll take advantage of it. 
    One more thing (and if you're wondering), yes, if it's to be operative, the text as inserted to the AttentionNote must be in exactly the form ServiceDesk creates it, when you use this option.  If you were to manually type exactly the same text, it would indeed work just the same.  However, if your text was even one character different, it would not work the same. 
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  15. KentonMattos added a post in a topic: Warning for previously-ordered part on same UIS   

    Sounds like a good idea to me.
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