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  1. Labman47 added a post in a topic: Would you use SD-Mobile on Android devices?   

    I know I'm a little late to the game, but I would really like to see an Android version of SD-Mobile and I'll give you some reasons why.
    1. Cost of Tablet - There are a lot of android tablets that cost way less then an iPad. It's hard to justify buying an expensive tablet just for work. And it's going to be in some pretty rough environments. Why would I want to put my expensive tablet in harms way.
    2. Usability - Okay so this one is more personal preference, but there are a number of apps that can change the layout of the apps and what not to look like IOS. With android I am not tied down to iTunes or having to use iCloud to get to my pictures. I can just plug my Android tablet into my computer and drag and drop any pictures I need. And I can put pdfs, videos, etc on my Android tablet no questions asked. And side note, Samsung's new HASS system works only on Android at the moment, so you could have everything for the job on one unit.
    3. Programming - Unfortunately I am not a programmer (wouldn't be here if I was) so I can't really tell you which is best to program for. But I have done a little research and one guy has this to say. "What I can tell you is that Objective-C/Swift and Java are not worlds apart. If you’re used to developing in one, then transitioning to the other shouldn’t be too jarring. Both are object oriented and a fair amount of the structure is similar." So developing for Android shouldn't be to difficult.
    4. Advertising - You would then be able to appeal to a much larger market. In my opinion, having both apps shows you are dedicated to the development and growth of your product.
    Android has changed quite a bit since the original post was posted. It is extremely new user friendly and doesn't lock you down to just using Apple based products.
    C.J. the Appliance Tech
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