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  1. CMF504 added a topic in SD-Mobile   

    Android or Apple?
    Just trying to get some thoughts and facts on which you all think about Apple vs Android which are you using or prefer? 
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  2. mrjaydee82 added a post in a topic Would you use SD-Mobile on Android devices?   

    It would be greatly appreciated if you brought sdmobile to Android...I do a lot of coding..ddevelopment on Linux based systems so I could help if needed. SDMOBILE works great on Apple but let's face it.. Android is much cheaper for businesses I'm an Android junky lol.
    This is Jason with Diamond Appliance Repair LLC
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  3. DFORBUS added a post in a topic Suggested Topics for Rossware weekly Discussions   

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  4. DFORBUS added a post in a topic CyberLink   

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  5. KentonMattos added an answer to a question Owner   

    Which invoice are you needing to update?  If it is the Generic Finished Form, and you are not using the mylogo.bmp file to put a graphic on the ticket, the information is pulled from the Settings Form.  The Custom Form is an image and you will need contact us to have it updated.  As for the Mobile invoice if you have the address showing it is either you put it in the SD-MobileLink and need to change it, if you have an image at the top of the invoice you will need to edit the file used.  Please connect for assistance if you need more help.
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  6. Appdude1965 added a question in Intermediate   

    I need to know how to delete/correct mailing addresses in SD. Can't find it in the SD manual. Thank you!
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  7. D AND J APPLIANCE added a topic in Warranty Integration   

    Out of Warranty units red flag
    I would like to see something in place where SD would see that an appliance is over a certain age and should be out of warranty. When the system saw it it would say change the color to say red? That way we know right of the bat with out thinking that the unit is out of say a basic warranty and if we put in an auth # it would change it to another color like green? Im just saying it shouldnt take much to do that?
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  8. Karie added an answer to a question Type of work order??   

    The type of work order is indicated by the setup of the ticket.  If the party is COD then you would only list an address in the top section of the callsheet/job record. This would indicate that this is the job location and the party responsible for paying for service.  If the party is warranty, then the warranty company will be listed in the top section of the callsheet/job record, and the service location in the bottom of the callsheet/job record. 

    May I suggest attending the Rossware training classes at this year's ASTI convention if you're able!  You'll get a ton of helpful information that will cut down on your learning curve.
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  9. Brad added a question in Beginner   

    Type of work order??
    Where do we designate what type of work order?  The tech needs to see if this is a warranty work order, COD, or a net billing call.
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  10. Aaron Pinero added a post in a topic Welcome!   

    I want a badge
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  11. Coffinc added a post in a topic Is ServiceLive a Good Client?   

    For what it's worth, for anyone in the future coming to read:
    We have been using ServiceLive strictly as a platform for Sears factory and protection agreement appliance work, so I can only speak to the platform in terms of how it operates. We've had no interaction with anyone other than Sears on it. My opinion of Sears is another post entirely. We have been using it for 2+ years.
    The ServiceLive platform itself has numerous useful features, and numerous obnoxious ones. More often than not, we have issues where the website will simply stop functioning and force a log out/log in. This is across all computers/users, not just a specific desk or browser. There's been little, if any, response in regards to this semi-constant interruption from ServiceLive (via Sears, who we have to pass functionality/webmaster requests through).
    The jobs management via the website is... passable. There are two primary methods for viewing and managing your service orders. The 'new' service order management pop-up has been popping-up for well over a year now... and the functionality is again passable, but not fantastic. Personally, I find the interface lacking and cluttered, and in need of a redesign.
    Fortunately, the search functionality is robust and provides a number of useful/detailed options you can use to locate a specific order. Given any accurate information about the customer, you can usually find their service orders without issue. It is not a live-search of your records, though, so it may irk you being so spoiled on ServiceDesk's instantaneous searching via F12 etc.
    ServiceLive does also require you to maintain an individual set of records and background screens for your techs. They do use PlusOne, but if you are already set up with PlusOne (for example for ServiceBench or really any other company who utilizes them), ServiceLive will still do a fresh screening of your techs. It's... a little strange, and my explanation isn't very clear I know, but suffice it to say you can not simply provide your PlusOne ID for your technicians and poof it's done. It's a bit more complicated than that, which is a bit of a drawback. All insurance documents (vehicle, accident, liability, workers comp) must be uploaded manually by you and reviewed by Sears. No calling your agent and having them handle it all.
    One of the best features, as mentioned above, is most definitely how quickly payment is processed. It is VERY fast, usually 2 business days or NEXT day. There is still a down-side, though: As far as we've been able to tell, there is no way to include your own reference number (IE a ServiceDesk JobRecord number) to each particular service order/dispatch within ServiceLive. When payment does come through, you have to match ServiceLive's dispatch# to your own ServiceDesk records, meaning a search and correlation to each item on the payment. As mentioned (and this is another ServiceLive benefit, tho again it is largely due to Sears in our case) the volume can be TREMENDOUS. This, in turn, adds a fair amount of time to matching payments to ServiceDesk JobRecord#s to apply.
    In general, the platform is serviceable (no pun intended) and functions 'okay'. Payments are quick, if slightly arduous to apply, the volume is decent (though, once more, due to Sears so your mileage may vary). The interface is not terrible but a redesign to make the important/relevant links and pieces of info stand out would not go amiss. Overall, I'd give it a 6.5/10.
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  12. Labman47 added a post in a topic Would you use SD-Mobile on Android devices?   

    I know I'm a little late to the game, but I would really like to see an Android version of SD-Mobile and I'll give you some reasons why.
    1. Cost of Tablet - There are a lot of android tablets that cost way less then an iPad. It's hard to justify buying an expensive tablet just for work. And it's going to be in some pretty rough environments. Why would I want to put my expensive tablet in harms way.
    2. Usability - Okay so this one is more personal preference, but there are a number of apps that can change the layout of the apps and what not to look like IOS. With android I am not tied down to iTunes or having to use iCloud to get to my pictures. I can just plug my Android tablet into my computer and drag and drop any pictures I need. And I can put pdfs, videos, etc on my Android tablet no questions asked. And side note, Samsung's new HASS system works only on Android at the moment, so you could have everything for the job on one unit.
    3. Programming - Unfortunately I am not a programmer (wouldn't be here if I was) so I can't really tell you which is best to program for. But I have done a little research and one guy has this to say. "What I can tell you is that Objective-C/Swift and Java are not worlds apart. If you’re used to developing in one, then transitioning to the other shouldn’t be too jarring. Both are object oriented and a fair amount of the structure is similar." So developing for Android shouldn't be to difficult.
    4. Advertising - You would then be able to appeal to a much larger market. In my opinion, having both apps shows you are dedicated to the development and growth of your product.
    Android has changed quite a bit since the original post was posted. It is extremely new user friendly and doesn't lock you down to just using Apple based products.
    C.J. the Appliance Tech
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  13. KentonMattos added a post in a topic Ever Wonder What We Eat for Lunch? (Find out on Facebook!)   

    What will today's meal be?
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  14. Aaron Pinero added a topic in General   

    Ever Wonder What We Eat for Lunch? (Find out on Facebook!)
    Follow us on Facebook at to keep up on the latest Rossware Computing happenings.
    See you there!
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  15. Aaron Pinero added a topic in General   

    Follow us on Twitter!
    Check out our main twitter feed!
    You can also review Server Uptime Messages at @RosswareStatus
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  16. KentonMattos added a post in a topic CC Swippers   

    I will Pass on the inquiry.
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  17. Ray added a post in a topic CC Swippers   

    Any update on the EMV chip reader, I don't want to switch to square since they do offer a blue tooth EMV reader compatible with the iPad 
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  18. KentonMattos added a post in a topic Assign tickets to office staff   

    I will Pass this on to Glade.  At this point only Call Sheets can be assigned to office users.
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  19. Mark LeDonne added a topic in ServiceDesk Suggestions   

    Assign tickets to office staff
    Would it be possible to assign a ticket to certain people in the office?  I use the Job Perusal (Shift F7) religiously to go through tickets and statuses.  As a service manager I tend to get quite a few tickets that I need to follow-up on or keep track of no matter the current status.  I started off printing out jobs that I am keeping tabs on but ended up with a stack of papers on my desk which is kind of counterproductive since we went "paperless".  I currently use a 3rd party "Todo" app on my computer/phone to keep tabs on tickets but its just another "system" for me to keep track of.
    Having the ability to assign a particular staff member to a ticket and having a drop down box on the job perusal will allow me to track my problem childs and monitor the ones I delegate to my staff.
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  20. Christopher Sherren added a post in a topic Would you use SD-Mobile on Android devices?   

    Sorry about the late post. I would really love an Android version of this. I hate my iPhone and i hate iOS. I prefer PC over Mac and I prefer Android over iOS for the same reasons. Affordability and flexibility are what makes Android a better option for the IT savvy users. Apple is great if you really have no interest in how things work. Android devices are more easily maintained and easier to integrate with the rest of the hardware already in place in most businesses. PLEASE MAKE AN ANDROID VERSION ASAP. 
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  21. bossman added a question in Advanced   

    Anyone at the NASC other than Matt?
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  22. MattDParker added a question in Advanced   

    Advanced Class
    Is it an advanced-level question to ask about the advanced class in this board?
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  23. AaronV added a topic in ServiceDesk Suggestions   

    Standard parts pricing across all platforms
    On the margin planner form, there is an option to defer to the published retail price when SD calculates the sell for price on the F8 parts form.  There is also an option underneath that to add a percentage to the published price for use in SD-mobile.  We would like SD to also use the percentage added when calculating the sell for price on special ordered parts, unless of course they are warranty or originated from a job with a quick entry form.  This way, whether the tech in the field orders the part, or an office worker made the request, a consistent price is auto filled every time.
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  24. KentonMattos added a post in a topic model number drop down parts ordering mobile   

    Please Talk with them..  Not that it is likely to happen because their BSM software is one top competitors.
    We would love to see integration with many part vendors and have even reached out to some.  But they haven't reciprocated.
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  25. philcheck added a topic in ServiceDesk Suggestions   

    model number drop down parts ordering mobile
    would be great to add marcone appliance parts from the "repair clinic" type drop down so we could order parts from mobile (landers and philcheck for one use marcone appliance parts)
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